Cooling tower executions

Service – here cell type cooling towers for power station

Our complete service contains:

  • Maintenance and cleaning works
  • delivery of spars and assembly groups independent from original supplier
  • All repair works on your cooling tower – independent from original supplier:
    • Steel construction refurbishments,
    • Renewal of timber structures
    • Replacement deliveries of various plastic components
    • Machine refurbishments and replacements
    • Concrete reconstruction
    • replacements of noise protection equipment
  • performance up-grade measurements
  • vibration measurements at machines and cooling towers
  • performance tests at cooling towers based on specific standards and codes
  • Execution of planning and engineering works

Attention to current environmental requirements
(German 42. BImSchV, VDI 2047, page 2)

Cooling tower new built – cell type with integrated noise attenuators

Special features:

  • Minimal noise emission
  • Maximal thermal performance

New cooling tower cells – with frame lifting capability

Special features:

  • Structure of pultruded FRP-profiles
  • Adjustments to existing concrete pond
  • Static calculation approvals for German civil legislation
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Shortest design, approval and erection time

Attention to current environmental requirements
(42. BImSchV, VDI 2047, Bl. 2)

Complete cooling tower plant

Reconstruction– here natural draft cooling tower for power station

Special features:

  • Performance retrofitting and up-grade
  • Design and application of modern materials
  • Shortest erection time

Factory assembled cooling towers – closed cooling circuit

Special features:

  • For open and closed cooling circuit, i.e.

With cooling fill or with integrated heat exchanger

  • High-capacity units
  • Design and application of state-of-the-art materials
  • Functional tests at work shop
  • Short final installation time at site
  • Long life time and reliability

Finally installed cooling towers, factory assembled


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