Cooling Tower Types

You can choose between different types of cooling towers. Whether you opt for the evaporative cooling tower  as an effective solution or the fluid evaporative cooling tower as an effective but also safe and environmentally friendly solution is always left to you. However, we are happy to advise you and answer your questions in order to find the perfect solution for you.

Evaporative Cooling Tower

The efficient solution

The evaporative cooling of the water flow inside the cooling tower by intensive contact with ambient air as open circuit or as one through cooling.

Dry Cooling Tower

The clean solution

The convective liquid cooling or vapour condensation of the inner process fluid (often water) by ambient air without water consumption in a closed circuit.

Hybrid Cooling Tower

The environmentally friendly solution

The combined evaporative and dry cooling of the water flow by ambient air in an open circuit for plume abatement.

Evaporative Fluid Cooling Tower

The efficient, clean & environmentally friendly solution (closed evaporative cooler, evaporative condenser)

The evaporative cooling of a liquid fluid (water, glycol-mixture, oil and others) or evaporative condensation of a vapour fluid (ammonia, water and others) in a closed circuit.

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