Research & Development

The advancement of existing technical concepts is needed to achieve always optimal solutions for the customer’s individual requirements.

We search and develop on university and own test facilities as well as with partners on the physical principles of the evaporative cooling process with respect to cooling fills and water distributions which are the core elements of an evaporative cooling tower.

The results are higher performing and reliable evaporative cooling towers.

Calculation models

  • Merkel’s theory – The Merkel’s main equation and it´s extensions
  • Models of fluid mechanics
  • Numerical procedures/models

Test facilities

  • State of the art measurement technology
  • Stable operational conditions
  • Flexibility
  • Permanent quality control of manufacturing

Measurement of water distribution

Typical temperature fields of water and cooling air

Field measurements on cooling plants

We carry out for you:

  • Thermal performance tests acc. to international standards
  • Acoustic measurements of emissions and approvals
  • Vibration diagnostics and systematic field tests.

Summarizing, we achieve a complete coupling between theory and practice, i.e. between design calculation basics, developed product improvements and performance test guarantees for the built industrial cooling plants.

We have the
cool solution!