Own Manufacturing

Manufactured products

The following products are manufactured at our facility in Chemnitz:

1. For evaporative cooling tower

  • Cooling fill (fills)
    Types: CS 20, CS 30, FB 20, FC 18, FA 19, FA 12
  • Droplet absorbers
    Types: TS 40 & TS 50 for cooling towers and special applications for air conditioning
  • Water distribution systems
  • Air inlet louvers
  • Fan stacks and water collecting ponds
  • Package cooling towers
  • Further thermoformed products based on customer’s requirements

2. For wastewater plants & technologies

  • Project specific manufactoring and deliveries:
    plastic fill packs (analog to cooling fills)
    types: CSA 20, CSA 30, FBA 20, FCA 18
  • Engineering support, for example stability and static approvels, planning
  • Installation and erecting works

Manufacturing facilities

Our main facility is located in Lichtenau near Chemnitz.

We took over the thermoforming manufacturing lines from former company KUNEX some years ago.

Further contract manufacturing for us takes place in:

  • India
  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • China

Manufacturing technologies


  • Deformation by thermoforming-vacuum process
  • Various materials like PVC, PP, ABS, PE, PS, PC and others please ask us!
  • Various material strengths before forming:
    • Foils of 0.3 mm to 1.2 mm (12 mil to 48 mil)
    • Plates from about 1 mm to 6 mm

Connection of foils

  • Mechanical – without further use of material and energy
  • Automatic welding processes
  • Traditional clueing process of PVC-foils

Packing & Transport

Reliable and cost-efficient packing and transports from one source.
Modern terminal loading for container transports to overseas.

Outstanding features of our manufacturing

  • Deeper knowledge of final product application & performance
  • Precision
  • Quality
  • Readiness
  • Flexibility
  • High-grade, certified primary material
  • Competence
We have the
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